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About Us:

Having practiced law in Paris for many years, Sam Okoshken, as a tax and legal consultant, retains his affiliation with the New York Bar. During the 40 years time that he practiced in Paris, his firm was considered a "boutique firm”, offering customized tax and legal services to individuals and estates. Its "niche" practice focused on many facets of the legal and administrative needs of U.S. taxpayers—those living abroad as well as those living in the U.S. but with interests in France. Henceforth, Sam will continue to consult in most of the same areas as he had done in Paris, but will be located in Miami, Florida. He maintains close connection with French-based colleagues and so on-site services in Paris continue to be available. Sam will also keep close connections with tax preparers (U.S. and French tax returns, as well as French wealth tax returns) located in Paris.

Our Services Include:

Real Estate:  Assistance and advice when purchasing or selling a French residence; creating real estate holding companies; income tax and estate planning for real estate holdings.

Estate Planning: with attention to both U.S. and French implications, as well as the implications of trusts under the recent French law change.

Estate Administration  on both sides of the Atlantic, working with Notaires and/or Probate Counsel in the U.S.  

Income Tax Planning: Clients need to understand the French income tax system before moving to France, as well as their continuing filing obligations with the States (U.S. citizens or resident aliens), not to mention the interaction of the two systems. Change of job calls for compensation planning and taking advantage of French income tax benefits. Gifts or inheritances may have future income tax (and wealth tax) implications; and of course creating and operating a French business or a U.S. business involves income tax as well as other tax considerations, such as social security costs, dividend payments, partnership distributions, et al.

Compensation Planning:  Compensation packages can and should be structured with an eye to tax saving. Not only tax rules, but labor laws and rules need to be taken into account in drafting or assessing such plans. Clients are usually Americans assigned to work in France, but include French who are assigned to work in the U.S.

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