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Especially in today's economic climate, employers are interested in minimizing the tax cost of executive compensation. France is a relatively high tax jurisdiction.
  • We are experts in assessing the tax cost of a given compensation package and in giving suggestions on how this cost can be reduced.
  • We draft or otherwise help structure employment agreements, and advise on the most tax-advantaged structure – for employer and employee.
  • We look for strategies, such as split compensation agreements, to take advantage of tax treaties and other tax-reducing features in French or U.S. law
  • We draft necessary forms and documents to secure protection under the U.S.-France Social Security Treaty, to obtain significant tax savings for both employee and employer during the first 5 years of employment in France.  
  • We recommend where applicable what specific categories of income may be tax-free or tax-favored in France, including sign-on bonuses, travel hardship allowance or bonus (“prime d’expatriation”).  Issues regarding the “prime d’impatriation” are also explored.
  • We help maximize opportunities for employees who have been dismissed or face dismissal, including the negotiating the severance package itself and the tax treatment thereof.

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