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French and U.S. Income Tax Returns

After 40+ years of experience on the French scene, we have know-how and also a list of specialists located in Paris (and the U.S.) who will expertly prepare your U.S. and French resident and non-resident tax returns.

These specialists have many years of experience in preparing tax returns, including:

  • Addressing the essential question of when one may be considered a French tax resident and how one may remain a tax non-resident of France.
  • U.S. and French individual income tax returns
  • U.S. trust returns
  • U.S. corporate income tax and social security returns
  • U.S. estate tax returns
  • French wealth tax (“ISF”) returns
  • French non-resident returns for those with rental real estate in France
  • Tax returns for "non-filers", that is, those who are late in their tax filing.  We intervene on their behalf to present past year returns and help to avoid or minimize penalties
  • Complex tax returns for high net worth individuals
  • Respond to queries from the tax authorities. Most queries are benign, but are couched in menacing and often technical language. They are on-call on a year- round basis, to help you respond to those pesky but potentially important missives from the I.R.S. or the French "fisc".


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