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French and U.S. Tax Planning

Income tax planning includes analysis and advice on all aspects of U.S. and French tax laws, as well as international ramifications. Wealth tax planning includes devising strategies for reducing or avoiding the French annual tax on Wealth (“ISF”). Trust planning requires consideration of the reporting aspects and other aspects of the 2011 French trust law.   

Income Tax Planning.  Timely tax planning is essential. Included in our services are:
  • Tax planning before you make a temporary or long-term move to France
  • Application of tax treaty allowances, foreign tax credits, tax exemptions and deductions
  • Analysis of your investment holdings in the U.S. or abroad for their French income tax consequences
  • Analyze IRA and other retirement plans in the U.S. and France
  • Analyze your small business structure or proposed business plan (corporation, self-employed, partnership) and explain the income tax (as well as estate planning) pros and cons of each, recommending changes where appropriate and cost-effective 
  • Analyze special planning needs and existing structures of high net worth individuals (family partnerships, charitable reminder trusts, family trust arrangements, etc.) to determine their tax validity in France.
  • Identify “PFIC”s, and explain how these tricky U.S. rules work.
  • Special needs of retired individuals

French Wealth Tax Planning

  • Explaining  the mechanics of the French wealth tax (ISF)
  • Advance planning prior to your feeling its full impact.   ISF planning may be critical for Americans after their 5th full year of French tax residence.
  • Analyze impact of the U.S.-France income tax treaty on the ISF 
  • Can one minimize the ISF?
  • ISF non-filers: Considering the options; avoidance of penalties
  • Identifying exempt assets, such as business interests, art and antiques.

Special Tax Problems of High Net-Worth Individuals include explaining the interplay of the U.S. and French tax systems, examining trusts to determine the impact on them of the 2011 French tax law, tax implications of anticipated legacies or gifts from abroad, suggesting holding company structures for ownership of French real estate, how to avoid becoming a tax resident of France, the effect of French heirship laws on existing U.S. wills, whether an independent French will is appropriate, access to competent U.S. and French income tax and wealth tax preparers in France.

Retiring in France

Retiring in France or otherwise moving to France for non-working purposes? We can make the transition more manageable by:

  • The appropriate visa
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • “Wealth tax” issues
  • Trust issues
  • Filing French tax returns
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