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Visas and Resident Permits

One of the most vexing challenges facing an American moving to France for work or retirement is obtaining an appropriate visa, work and resident permit. While there is a variety of visas, it is not always apparent which one is relevant to you. The tax implications have to be understood. We work with visa experts located in Paris who will assist you to determine which visa (and work permit if applicable) is suitable for you and will help prepare the file for submission. As this is an administrative area, i.e., one involving contact with the French administration, their experience in dealing with the right people within the Administration will help the dossier move through the necessary steps, and often a timely phone call to the right person can untangle snarls.

Where applicable, we take into account the U.S.-France Social Security Treaty (“Totalization Agreement”)

Our independent resource in Paris will:

  • Analyze your situation to assess the appropriate visa suitable for your work or other status
  • Prepare the file for submission to the appropriate Governmental authorities
  • Obtain visa and resident permit for accompanying family members
  • Follow the progress of the visa (and, if applicable, the work permit) application through its various steps in the administrative process
  • Help you obtain your resident card once you are legally in France
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